This Part of Your Refrigerator Needs to Be Cleaned Every 6 Months

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Did you know that your refrigerator has coils? And that if you don't clean this part of your fridge, the appliance will start showing signs of having dirty coils? Specifically, if your coils are covered in dust and grime, the refrigerator will have to start working harder to overcome the heat that's getting trapped there. This could lead to a rise in your electricity bill and a costly compressor replacement.


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Now, the question is: How do you clean your refrigerator coils? And how often should you actually be cleaning them? According to TikTok user and home repair plan service @HomeServeUSA, "If you want your fridge to keep on fridge-ing, you need to clean your coils every six months."

Where are your refrigerator coils?

As for where your refrigerator's coils are, you can locate them on the back or underneath part of the appliance. To do so, carefully move your fridge away from the wall (you might need another person to help with this) and unplug it. The coils might also be protected by a cover, so you'll need to remove that as well to access this piece of the machine.


How to clean your refrigerator coils:

Using a vacuum, clean the dust and grit off of your coils. While you're there, and while your fridge is moved away from the wall, you should also take the time to clean the area surrounding the fridge to prevent more grime from building up.

Once your coils are clean, simply plug the refrigerator into the wall and gently move it back into place. That's it! All you really need for this cleaning job is a vacuum and some elbow grease.

For a full tutorial on how to access your refrigerator coils and clean them, click here. Now, you can ensure that your fridge won't malfunction because of filthy coils.