It Turns Out That There's a Better Way to Tie a Robe

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This year alone, we have learned several tips and tricks from TikTok user @sidneyraz, who has a series about things they wish they knew before turning 30. For example, we've learned a popcorn hack for un-popped kernels, how to use a lighter without burning our thumbs, and we've also discovered the correct way to wear a travel pillow. Now, @sidneyraz has taught us that there's a better way to tie a robe.


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Yes, tying a robe is pretty straightforward — you place the belt through the loops and tie it at the front. But somehow, that method always seems to come loose, causing the belt to fall out of its knot while your robe opens up. Fortunately, @sidneyraz discovered a fix for this.

Instead of looping your belt around the back of the robe, you should place it through the front two loops. Then, simply tie it. By doing it this way, there is more slack on the belt, which allows you to make a tighter knot that is less likely to come apart. Genius. Now you'll never have to worry about your robe coming undone.

Of course, TikTok commenters pointed out that the loops on a robe are there for a reason: to keep the belt attached to the robe even when it's untied. And while this is definitely true, this robe hack can still be beneficial for those who are constantly having their robe come undone. We wouldn't say it's the "correct" way to tie a robe, but we would say it's better than having your robe open up all the time.

Thanks to this hack, you can now wear your robe with the peace of knowing that the belt is perfectly tight around the open fabric. So next time you wear it outside to get the mail, you won't have to worry about it awkwardly coming apart.