Haus' New Flavor Is a Delicious Nod to the Holidays

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With the release of its newest apéritif, the popular spirits brand Haus is helping you start the holiday season on a festive and slightly boozy note.


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Launched today, November 22, Haus' new flavor, pomegranate rosemary, is the perfect addition to your holiday party's bar. This newest aperitif combines some of the season's brighter flavors — including pomegranate, raspberry, orange peel, rosemary, and juniper — to create a dreamy beverage that can be sipped on a winter night in or fireside with family.

Like the brand's other drinks, the Pomegranate Rosemary aperitif is low in alcohol. With just 18% ABV, one cocktail made using Haus compares to around half the alcohol percentage of one made using hard liquor. "We created Haus because we love the social ritual of drinking, but were tired of what you usually get with conventional booze: too much sugar, too much alcohol, fake ingredients, and too many hangovers," said Haus co-founder and CEO Helena Price Hambrecht. And with her company's natural aperitifs, holiday spirits don't have to lead to holiday hangovers.

For a light holiday beverage, pair this drink with sparkling water and frozen pomegranate seeds. Or, if you favor a sipper, simply pair the bright, herbal spirit with an ice cube and your favorite cocktail glass.

This winter, we're nixing the heavy, over-sugared seasonal drinks that leave us with nothing more than a stomachache and hangover in favor of light, bright drinks that speak to the flavors of the season.

This newest launch is available online for $40, with same-day delivery available in San Francisco and Los Angeles. You can also find it in the brand's new Fireside Duo as well as the uber-popular Sampler Kit. Scroll down to shop now.


Kaelin Dodge is a writer/editor based out of Los Angeles, California.