Wolfgang Puck’s Three Secrets to Perfect Mashed Potatoes

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We can all likely agree on one thing: Mashed potatoes are an essential part of a Thanksgiving dinner. Honestly, we can't imagine the meal without them. That's exactly why we're currently drooling over Wolfgang Puck's mashed potato recipe on TikTok, which features three secrets to make this dish as delish as can be.


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First, Puck starts off by boiling his potatoes until they're fork-tender. However, he mentions that you should ensure that you don't overcook the potatoes because that will release extra starch and lead to watery mashed potatoes (no, thank you). Then, after draining his potatoes in a colander, Puck places them back in the hot pot to dry out completely.

Once the potatoes are nice and dry, the chef uses his first secret weapon: a potato ricer. This device creates mashed potatoes that are light and fluffy — with no lumps in sight.


As for Puck's second secret tip, it's using brown butter. While waiting for the butter to brown on the stovetop, the chef adds salt, white pepper, heated cream or milk, and a bit of freshly grated nutmeg (another secret tip!) to his potatoes. Then, in goes the brown butter, which adds more flavor and a touch of nuttiness, and that's it. You're ready to plate your potatoes, which look so fluffy and creamy, we want to weep.


"If you would like, sprinkle chives or parsley on top," Puck says. "And you will see, everybody is going to want seconds from your mashed potatoes." We have no doubt about that.


Based on the way Puck's mashed potatoes look, we're going to say that browned butter, nutmeg, and a potato ricer are the three secrets to perfect mashed potatoes. Now, we know exactly what recipe we'll be using for Thanksgiving and beyond.


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