This Hack Lets You Style Holiday Ornaments in an Unexpected Way

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It's easy to get a stuck in a rut while decorating for the holidays. After all, when you know what works for your space and style, it's tempting to repeat the same techniques. This is especially true if you have a small space or tight budget — or if you're just feeling uninspired.


Video of the Day

Luckily, TikTok user and home stylist @the_avantgarde has a clever hack for switching up your holiday decor. In a recent video, she recommends hanging ornaments in a shelf using fishing wire and self-adhesive hooks. This creates the illusion of floating ornaments, resulting in a beautiful and magical setup.

We adore this hack for several reasons. For starters, it calls for inexpensive supplies. You might even already have everything you need on hand. The trick might also work with invisible thread or thin crafting wire, depending on the weight of your ornaments.


Moreover, it's ideal for using extra ornaments that don't fit on the Christmas tree. Likewise, if you don't have the space for an actual tree, it allows you to enjoy holiday ornaments anyway. The hack also requires just a few decorations, so you can even buy individual ornaments specifically for this purpose.

Other holiday decor hacks:

Instead of stringing your Christmas tree lights horizontally, try doing it vertically. This will create a more even lighting effect. Plus, weaving the lights up and down is easier than walking around the tree.


It's also possible to hack common household items into stylish decorations. For example, you can turn organic materials (think: twigs and cinnamon sticks) into natural ornaments. Simply glue or wrap a piece of twine around each item, then hang it on the tree.

Another option is our project for folded paper ornaments. It calls for basic supplies like paper, cardboard, and string. On that note, we bet these paper ornaments would look amazing "floating" in a shelf!