These Are the Items People Forget to Buy for Thanksgiving Dinner

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Ready for Thanksgiving? Are you sure you have everything prepared? Are you ​really​ sure? Because despite the best-laid plans, most people end up forgetting to buy an ingredient — or two — for the big meal.


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According to a new survey by same-day delivery marketplace Shipt, 61% of Americans report forgetting to buy an essential part of Thanksgiving dinner. To help home cooks prepare for the big day, Shipt has launched the Thanksgiving Most Forgotten List, sharing the food items most commonly forgotten during the holiday.

Make sure you check your cart for these essentials, which are the most likely to cause a second trip to the grocery store. Here are the items that slip people's minds the most:


  1. Cranberries (33%)
  2. Fragrant Spices, such as thyme (30%)
  3. Napkins (23%)
  4. Beverages (21%)
  5. Pumpkin Spice (20%)
  6. Pie crust (20%)
  7. Potatoes (17%)
  8. Plates (16%)
  9. Table and autumn-specific decor (15%)
  10. Candles (14%)

Perhaps most unsurprisingly, alcohol is the least forgotten item, according to Shipt, with 14% of survey participants saying they neglected to put it in their cart. At least if there's no cranberry sauce, there will most definitely be some bubbly.

So if you're planning on contributing to the Thanksgiving meal, do yourself a favor and check this list to prevent any last-minute shopping trips.