This Is the Room Where People Unwind the Most, According to Modsy

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What room in your current space makes you feel the most at ease? Which one does the opposite? Modsy wanted to find out more about our home habits to answer questions like these. And the resulting data is a fascinating look at how our relationship to our space might have changed (or not!).


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In a recent survey, Modsy found that the space where people unwind the most is actually (drumroll, please) the living room. 35% of respondents chose it as their go-to for relaxation. And 38% said it's where they feel happiest.

One possible factor is that many people keep their TVs there. According to Modsy, "87% of participants reported having a TV in the living room, compared to 48% in the bedroom." The bedroom, as it stands, is actually the second-most popular space to unwind. But the living room, especially during unpredictable times, definitely feels like a spot to get away from it all before turning in for the night.


What about decor style? Interestingly, the survey found that "70% of people with rustic elements in their space chose cozy as the way they feel in a well-designed space." So it's not just about the look, but more about the overall ​feel​ of a room.

In our own conversations with designers, living room trends seem to be leaning towards laidback decor, steering away from strict rules like matching furniture and symmetrical layouts. So it's more about what you need from the space rather than how you can recreate a glossy magazine look.

If you're curious about what else people see as their ideal space, check out the full Modsy survey here.