This Surprising New Candy Cane Flavor Actually Sounds Delicious

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In the world of candy canes, there are many questionable flavors — mac and cheese, kale, mushroom, clam. Some we'd be interested in trying (like mac and cheese), while others make our stomachs hurt (clam, kale, and mushroom, we're looking at you). Fortunately, a brand new candy cane from Brach's is not in the latter category.


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For the 2021 holiday season, the brand is introducing shoppers to Funfetti Candy Canes, which are meant to taste like the iconic treat's birthday cake flavor. In fact, inside each candy cane, there are actual rainbow sprinkles — so even if you don't want to eat them, they will look fun as decor on a colorful Christmas tree.

In addition to Funfetti, Brach's will also be releasing new Wintergreen Candy Canes that taste like minty gum and feature a striped green coloring. In other words, they'll look lovely paired with classic red and white candy canes, which Ferrara (Brach's parent company) is also re-releasing this year.

As for other candy canes that are coming back courtesy of Ferrara, you can expect to see Cherry Rainbow Candy Canes and SweeTARTS Candy Canes, which come in three flavors: Blue Punch, Green Apple, and Cherry.

Where to buy the Funfetti Candy Canes:

If you're interesting in trying the Funfetti Candy Canes for yourself, you can find them at Target for $2.99 and Walmart for $2.24. Depending on your location, both stores might have pick-up and shipping options available. If you're planning to take a trip to the store, we recommend calling first to ensure that these specific candy canes are in stock.


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