IKEA's Black Hot Dog Is Something Your Eyes Won't Believe

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Image Credit: PASCAL GUYOT/AFP/GettyImages
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There are things on this earth that you truly have to see to believe, and IKEA's newest hot dog is one of them. According to DesignTAXI, on November 1, IKEA Singapore decided to launch a completely black hot dog paired with a black bun and black cheese (which seems to be on the inside of the hot dog). No, we're not kidding.


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Called the "Charcoal Cheese Hotdog," since it's made with edible charcoal for that black coloring, the item costs $1.50. Interestingly, this isn't the first time IKEA has experimented with a goth hot dog — DesignTAXI reports that IKEA Japan also released one in 2016, though it did not come with black cheese.

Another unique feature of the Charcoal Cheese Hotdog is that the hot dog is significantly longer than the bun. Other than that (and the fact that it's completely black), Mothership states that the new hot dog tastes exactly like the regular version.


Where to buy the black IKEA hot dog:

In addition to being available in Singapore, the black IKEA hot dog is also sold in Malaysia. There's no word on whether it will make its way to the rest of the world, but if it's popular in these two countries, perhaps it will.

In the meantime, we'll just be staring at the goth hot dog until our brains process that it is, in fact, real.