This Costco Snack Might Soon Look Completely Different

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If you're a fan of cashews, shopping at Costco is one of the best things you can do. After all, the warehouse sells large tubs of cashews for about $17.99, which is a pretty awesome deal. And while the tubs are typically made of plastic, it looks like that might be changing soon.


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Recently, Reddit user @sacheek shared that their local Costco started selling cashews in glass jars. They also posted a photo of the jar, which featured a large black label and a sleek silver top. This sparked excitement amongst other Costco shoppers, as people pointed out that the containers would be great for storing dry food.

"Those look like they would make nice storage jars, once the cashews have all been stuffed into my face," said one user. "We were already talking about getting another and removing the labels and storing dry ingredients," replied the user who started the thread.

But not everyone is stoked about the change. For starters, the glass jars are heavier than the plastic tubs, which can be inconvenient for employees and customers alike. They appear to contain less cashews, too. According to @sacheek's photo, the glass jar contains 2.37 pounds of cashews. Meanwhile, the plastic tub contains 2.5 pounds of cashews, according to the Costco website.

Why is Costco selling cashews in glass jars?

It's unclear if the change is permanent or if other snacks will eventually be packaged in glass. However, a Reddit user shared that their local Costco is making moves to use more eco-friendly packaging. "I have noticed apples that are packaged in strong brown paper [instead of clamshell containers]," said the user. "Maybe they are listening and making steps to reduce the plastic on our earth!" We've got our fingers crossed.

How to remove labels from glass jars:

If you buy a glass jar of cashews, check out our tutorial on how to remove sticker residue. This way, you can reuse the container for dry ingredients, candies, and more.