Aldi Just Brought Back a Beloved Food That's a Thanksgiving Must-Have

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In addition to bringing back its beloved advent calendars for 2021, Aldi appears to be re-releasing other seasonal treats that fans can't get enough of. And one of those products happens to be perfect for an easy, stress-free Thanksgiving meal.


Video of the Day

On Instagram, user @aldifavoritefinds announced that the Season's Choice Sweet Potato Casserole With Praline Topping is back in Aldi's freezer section. "The Sweet Potato Casserole is SO good," the user wrote, and many commenters agree. "The sweet potato casserole is delicious!" wrote one person. "I added some marshmallows on top — so good." We love this idea.

This particular casserole costs $3.99 and is microwaveable. So if you're looking for an affordable, quick dish to add to your Thanksgiving table, we highly recommend this one. However, according to a Reddit thread from 2020, it seems like this products sells out fast. So if you want this casserole in your life, we highly recommend you head to your local Aldi ASAP.

Also, we will definitely be borrowing the marshmallow idea from Instagram. You can microwave the casserole, put it in a casserole dish, add marshmallows on top, and then place it under the broiler to created a melted marshmallow topping. That way it's kind of like you made the casserole yourself (kind of).

What other Thanksgiving products does Aldi sell?

In addition to the sweet potato casserole, Aldi is also selling the following food items that would be a perfect addition to your Thanksgiving meal:

To see if these items are in stock at your local Aldi, simply locate your nearby store and give them a call.


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