Dan Levy Is Creating a Brunch-Centric Cooking Competition Show

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Image Credit: Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/GettyImages

If you, like us, can't get enough of Dan Levy (aka David Rose on ​Schitt's Creek​), then we have amazing news. In 2022, the actor will be coming out with a cooking competition show called ​The Big Brunch​ on HBO Max. Brunch ​and​ Dan Levy? We're already sold.


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Variety​ reports that the show was created by Levy, who will also be the host. It's all about highlighting undiscovered culinary creators across the United States — but with a brunch twist. In particular, the chefs will be competing to find unique ways to spotlight brunch food as they aim to win a certain prize (which hasn't been announced yet, but is purported to be "life-changing").

"Everybody has a friend, a family member, or a co-worker [who] is extraordinary at what they do, they just need a leg up so that their talents can be appreciated on a larger scale," Levy said in a statement on the show's casting site. "Thanks to an almost obsessive love of food, I've been lucky enough to come across many of those people in the culinary world — friends working out of cafes or food trucks, revolutionizing the menus at local diners — those special humans who create communities around their cooking, hoping to take their skills to the next level. I created this show for them, the local culinary heroes of America who deserve a spotlight."

Between giving deserving chefs their time to shine and all things brunch, there is a lot to love about this upcoming show. If you're interested in participating, you can actually audition for ​The Big Brunch​ by applying here. The deadline is December 17, 2021.

We can't wait to see who wins the show, along with all the delicious brunch delicacies the chefs will certainly be cooking up.