This TikTok Tackling Under-the-Sink Organization Is Strangely Satisfying

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The cabinet under the kitchen sink can be a scary, scary place where trash cans are housed, cleaning supplies are stowed, and other odds and ends are shoved.


Video of the Day

Luckily, TikToker @smallishhome (aka Lisa) has put together another bite-sized video with a series of tips and tricks for home organization that's all about decluttering that pesky under-the-sink mess.

In the video, Lisa demonstrates a few quick hacks for restoring order below your sink, like keeping rolls of trash tags in a plastic bin with their tails threaded through the bin's handle for easy access. Lisa also shows us the power of space-saving storage containers for keeping sponges neatly tucked away.


Labeling is an organizer's best friend, which Lisa shows us in demarcating the various cleaning supplies in the cabinet. Small, adhesive hooks also play a critical role in this demo, as Lisa uses them for hanging bottles of cleaning supplies, a scrubbing brush, and a dustpan.

It might not be the most glamorous home project on your list, but getting that under-sink storage in order is a small task that will make a big difference.