Fly By Jing Just Launched Dumplings in Three Mouthwatering Flavors

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Fly By Jing has become known for creating thoughtful, premium Chinese food products that add flavor and spice to the modern kitchen. Back in August, we reported on the brand's new Fire Hot Pot Base and, now, we're excited to announce the release of Fly By Jing's new ready-to-cook dumplings.


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Rooted in Sichuan tradition, the dumplings come in three flavors: umami-rich pork, seafood, and mushroom and aromatics. (Note: All three flavors contain pork, but something for vegetarians and vegans is on the horizon!) They can be made in minutes once removed from the freezer and can be boiled, steamed, fried, and cooked in a soup or hot pot. Of course, you can also eat them with your favorite dipping sauce (Zhong Sauce, anyone?).


Each dumpling flavor can be bought in two bags starting at $39.99. If you'd prefer to buy more, six bags with two of each flavor are available for $107.99 along with free shipping.

To get your hands on these mouthwatering dumplings, click here.