This Sneaky Trick Will Make Your House Smell Amazing All the Time

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Your home probably smells great most of the time, but does it smell amazing all the time? Of course, candles, reed diffusers, room sprays, and incense can help, but these products only work for a certain period of time. To combat this, @rootedbymartine on TikTok figured out a way to make their house smell wonderful all the time without temporary (and sometimes expensive) scented products.


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"All you need is a couple felt pads and your fave essential oil," @rootedbymartine says in the video. In terms of felt pads, they use a 30-pack of Super Sliders Self-Stick Felt Furniture Pads, which can be purchased at Walmart for $6.50. They bought the beige color, but there are plenty of furniture pads in different colors that can better blend in with your home's color palette.

Once @rootedbymartine removed the backing off one of their furniture pads, they stuck it on what appears to be the inside of a kitchen cabinet. Then, they added several drops of essential oil to the pad and that's it! These tiny, inconspicuous pads can be placed in secret areas all around your home to make it smell like your favorite fragrance all the time.


Plus, since scented products can cost a pretty penny, this is a great affordable hack for people who don't want to constantly be buying new candles and diffusers. It also makes for way less clutter around the house, which is great for smaller apartments and minimalist enthusiasts.


What is the best essential oil scent to use?

There are so many different essential oil scents out there that can help you create a specific vibe in your home. For instance, if you want a fragrance that will help you sleep better or breathe easier, we have essential oil recipes for that here. To make your home smell like it's springtime all the time, you can also create this DIY essential oil mixture that you can spray on your felt pads.


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