These 26 Subscription Boxes Are the Perfect Gifts That Will Keep on Giving

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Welcome to the Hunker Holiday Gift Guide. From joyful decor picks to gifts that give back, these items are sure to delight everyone on your list.

Question: What's better than a perfect gift? Answer: a perfect gift you receive over and over again. So it's no surprise subscription-based presents are hotter than ever this year. Whether you're gifting to a coffee addict, smoothie fiend, cleaning fanatic, green thumb, or anyone in between, here are 26 subscription boxes that will make you the winner of the holiday season.


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For Puzzlers and Hobbyists

We all have that person in our life who loves an activity. Whether that be out and about taking on new adventures, or at home puzzling away, here are a few subscription boxes for the hobbyists in your life.

1. Jiggy, $29/box


Founded on the principle of puzzles as a meditative practice, gift your favorite puzzle-lover a monthly, every-other-month, or quarterly Jiggy subscription. They'll receive a new 500-piece, frame-worthy puzzle in each shipment — the perfect excuse for a little unwinding at the end of the day. Plus, they're packaged in fabric drawstring bags that are adorable and reusable.


2. Bespoke Post, $45/box

From outdoor gear and new hobbies to luxury shaving kits, Bespoke Post crafts the coolest packages comprised of goods from small retailers. Plus, it's super customizable, so the recipient can preview upcoming boxes and swap them out for other trendy treats they may prefer.


3. GlobeIn, starting at $35/box

This makes the perfect gift for the creative, world traveler, or art lover in your life. Different themes each month means every box contains unique, fair trade products made by artisans all around the world. Enjoy self-care, party-themed, coffee-centric boxes, and so many more.


For Coffee Snobs

Coffee lovers know a thing or two about their drink of choice. Keep them on their toes with coffee subscription boxes that will have them trying new roasts from all around the world.

4. Partners Coffee Roasters, starting at $14/box


New York is home to Partners Coffee Roasters, a craft coffee operation that is dedicated to highlighting its partnerships with farmers, producers, and all the other businesses that come together to create its product. If your recipient is particular in taste, simply subscribe to their desired roast. But, for adventurous homebrewers, there is the roaster's choice subscription that rotates single-origin and blends from around the world.


5. MistoBox, starting at $10.95/box

When you subscribe to MistoBox, you get matched with a coffee curator who will select beans and roasts based on your palate. You can also choose for yourself from the company's 'Brew Queue,' a list of coffees from over 50 artisan roasters like Onyx Coffee Lab, Verve Coffee Roasters, and Colectivo Coffee. Plus, MistoBox is integrated with Alexa, so members can use their Amazon Echo to control the delivery schedule and update orders.


6. Bean Box, starting at $16.50/month

With Bean Box, you'll choose to receive a single roast or a sampler of four different beans for each delivery. Coffees are handpicked from a curated list of 35 top artisan roasters, like Dapper & Wise Coffee Roasters, Coava Coffee Roasters, and Caffé Vita Coffee Roasting. Choose light, medium, or dark roasts to personalize for your recipient's taste, or opt for 'I love all roasts' to get a variety.

For Wine and Liquor Enthusiasts

Cheers to finding the perfect gift for the perfect person!

7. Haus, starting at $40/box

We promise you'll be the trendiest one at the party with a gift like this. These delightful spirits are created with fruits, herbs, and botanicals, and mix and match wonderfully with a variety of cocktail ingredients. Choose from flavors like citrus flower and rose rosé, with ingredients sourced from the same farmers supplying Michelin-star restaurants. Cheers to these clean, flavorful, and undeniably cool spirits people simply won't be able to get enough of.

8. Winc, first box is four bottles for $29.95

Winc is a wine lover's dream. With an unmatched variety, Winc sends the perfect drink based on flavor preferences, location, food pairings, and more. The consumer-driven company uses its members' preferences to create and source top-tier wines. The recipient will enjoy a vast assortment of bottles from the finest winemakers all over the world.

9. Usual Wines, starting at $40/month

Usual Wines nails the packaging just as much as it nails the wine. Made in small, sustainably farmed batches with no added sugars or chemicals, the whites, reds, and rosés come as aesthetically beautiful wine-glass-sized bottles.

10. JuneShine Hard Kombucha, starting at $2.34/can

Have you tried the latest, greatest beverage? If not, treat yourself to a pack of hard kombucha. Once you do that, get your favorite spirit lover/health nut a sweet subscription to any of JuneShine's delicious flavors or, even better, the full sampler pack!

For Your Favorite Foodie

Whether your recipient loves trying brand new things or sticks to one specific favorite, there's certainly a food subscription box that will keep their stomachs and hearts full.

11. Bokksu, starting at $39.95/box

For the best combination of widely popular and lesser-known Japanese snacks and teas, try Bokksu. Each assortment ties into that month's theme, with past boxes like "Spring Picnic" and "Traditional Flavors of Japan."

12. Daily Harvest, starting at $5.99/item

If you know a fan of superfood smoothies and plant-based bowls, this is the ideal gift. Daily Harvest brought pre-blended fruit and vegetable smoothies to the masses when it launched in 2015 and has since expanded to include nutritious pre-made harvest and chia bowls, vegetarian soups, and more, all of which can be prepared in five minutes or less and get delivered directly to their front door.

13. Brightland Duo Subscription, $65 per shipment

Brightland's Insta-famous bottles are available in a subscription format, making for a thoughtful and luxe year-long gift that's also surprisingly functional (your giftee will never have to settle for an overpriced grocery store bottle of subpar EVOO again). The brand releases unique varietals and one-offs to keep things fresh and exciting.

14. Katz's Deli, $450/three months

Is there anything better than a fresh deli sandwich? We think not. With this unique subscription, the lucky member will receive the most popular hand-carved meats and deli specialties each month. From chocolate babka (our favorite!) to pounds of sliced pastrami and corned beef, this may very well be the greatest gift of all time.

15. The Recess Sampler, $49.99/box

Sparkling water infused with calming hemp and balancing adaptogens? Yes, please. Send your friend or family member the gift of relaxation in a whole new way. And the packaging is everything.

16. Kencko, starting at $2.49/smoothie

Gift the rainbow in the form of healthy, delicious smoothies. Each flavor combination has its own benefits like skin health, recovery, and mental focus, plus, they're pretty and taste great. If you have a smoothie addict in your life, they'll freak over this little box of heaven.

17. Clevr, $47.60/box

"SuperLatte" has a pretty nice ring to it, don't you think? Each month, the subscriber will get to choose two different flavors, containing 14 servings each. From calmness to focus, all Clevr's beverages offer unique wellness benefits. Plus, opt for one-time add ons, like thermoses and frothers.

For the Cleaning Obsessed

We all know someone who cleans a little more than they need to. From high-end laundry supplies to environmentally-conscious counter sprays and paper towels, give these passionate tidy-uppers the gift of sanitation.

18. Cloud Paper, starting at $29.99/box

Sometimes the best gifts are the true essentials. Subscription boxes of toilet paper or paper towels made from 100% ultra-soft bamboo arrive every two, three, or four months, depending on how many people are in the household. Our favorite part? Bamboo toilet paper is ultra-soft and generates at least 30% less greenhouse gasses than tree-based toilet paper — good for you and good for the planet.

19. The Laundress, starting at $8/box

New York-based company The Laundress was founded by two fashionistas who were frustrated by the maintenance options for fine clothing. The duo believes that 90% of labels that read "dry clean only" are actually washable, so they created products that would properly treat nice clothes in the washing machine. Everything from the signature detergent to the delicate wash to the wool and cashmere shampoo can be ordered in "auto-replenishment" style, which means you'll never be without your go-to cleaners.

20. MightyNest MightyFix Subscription, from $9/month

Committed to green living, Mighty Nest has all the necessities for laundry, surface cleaning, dishwashing, and more. With the MightyFix subscription, the cleaner will receive a new healthy and fun product each month, like Bee's Wrap or Swedish Cloths.

21. Cleancult, starting at $39/box

Zero-waste packaging and real ingredients are the focus of Cleancult's bundles. Made with a coconut-powered formula, the natural cleaning products come in sleek, reusable, shatter-resistant glass bottles for the first shipment. Refills are then delivered in eco-friendly, milk carton-like containers. The starter kit includes an all-purpose cleaner, liquid dish soap, and liquid hand soap.

22. Branch Basics Premium Starter Kit, $69

Give the gift of toxic-free cleaning. Replace dozens of toxic cleaners with easy-to-use concentrates that save money and save the planet. Gift your favorite clean freak the starter kit, and they'll be running back for refills as soon as they're out.

For Plant and Candle Lovers

For those people who love bringing sweet smells and greenery into their homes.

23. The Sill, starting at $60/box

The Sill pretty much instantly established itself as one of the hip gift-shopping spots, with its vast collection of plants and minimal-millennial ceramic pots. Now, with its subscription option, you can one-up even the savviest gift-givers in your crew. The Sill has helpfully split their offerings into different tiers, catering to the green-thumbless and experts alike.

24. The Bouqs Co., starting at $36/box

Gift your favorite flower enthusiast with a Bouqs subscription to enliven their home and lift their spirits. (You really can't put a price on that.)

25. Wickbox, starting at $26.95/month

For luxury candles, look no further than Wickbox. Once a month, this subscription service sends a medium- or large-sized, high-quality candle with an anticipated burn time of up to 100 hours for just around $30. On top of your favorite scents, you can expect some eye-catching containers — the type you leave out even after all the wax has been burned.

26. Horti, starting at $20/month

The subscription service sends something new each month — plants, clay pots, saucers, tools, accessories, and more — to keep the planter invested and excited about their new project.