Why You Might Not Be Able to Find Blue Paint Anywhere

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This year has, unfortunately, been full of product shortages due to supply chain issues. From glass bottles to live Christmas trees and chlorine for pools, it seems like nothing is off limits. Confirming the latter, we now have another item to add to that list: blue paint.


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According to ​Insider​, paint manufacturers are currently running low on the supplies — especially in terms of additives — needed to make a blue hue. This is also further impacted by a greater demand for paint. Plus, compared to 2020, the cost of materials to make paint increased by over $323 million, which, of course, has led to higher paint prices. So, all around, it's not a great situation for people looking to paint their homes.


Insider​ specifically cites that this is happening to Dutch paint maker AkzoNobel and even Sherwin-Williams. "During the third quarter, as predicted, extraordinary levels of raw material costs and supply disruptions impacted our business," Thierry Vanlancker, AkzoNobel's CEO, told ​Insider​. "As we've already indicated, the headwinds are likely to be with us going into 2022."


This is especially concerning when you consider that, in 2021, blue is one of the best interior paint colors you can use to sell your home. Zillow states that this is particularly the case for living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms, depending on the exact shade of blue.

When will the blue paint shortage be over?

AkzoNobel estimates that blue paint production will return to normal in six to nine months, once the necessary additives are more widely available. However, when it comes to price increases, only time will tell when these will level out. CNN Business actually reported that John Morikis, Sherwin-Williams' CEO, expects paint prices to stay up for "a period of time."


What other paint interior colors will help you sell your home?

Fortunately, blue isn't the only color you can use to sell your home. Zillow reports that mint green kitchens, bright green bathrooms, white kitchens, and gray living rooms are also profitable choices.

In the meantime, our fingers are crossed that the blue paint shortage comes to an end ASAP.

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