This Popular Costco Cheese Might Be Discontinued

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If you love cheese — like, ​really​ love cheese — buying it at Costco might be one of the best things you can do. Not only does the warehouse offer myriad cheese products in bulk, but its prices are affordable, too. However, if you're looking for Parmigiano Reggiano wedges during your next Costco trip, you might be out of luck.


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According to a Reddit thread started by user @plluviophile, Costco has "indefinitely" removed Parmigiano Reggiano wedges from its inventory. Case in point: The search results page for "Parmigiano Reggiano" on Costco's website only yields the whole wheel and shredded versions.

These products might not be viable alternatives for the wedge, though. The whole wheel costs almost $950 and weighs 72 pounds, so it's not practical for the average household. Meanwhile, the shredded version costs just $15 for a one-pound tub, so it's more affordable. But if you prefer to grate your own cheese, you may need to pass on this product, too.


Needless to say, Costco shoppers on Reddit were not happy about the cheese disappearing from the warehouse's inventory. "This is devastating," said one user. "Pardon me, is this the cheese riot? I've been looking for one of these for a very long time," joked another user.

One Reddit user pointed out that the inventory change might be related to pandemic supply chain issues. "Let's hold off on rioting and see if Costco is going with a new supplier first," said the user. "With all the disruptions in the supply chain, this might be a temporary issue."


Here's to hoping that the beloved cheese returns to Costco, especially as we near the holidays.

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Speaking of the holiday season, Costco might stop selling live Christmas trees this year. Unfortunately, the availability of trees is low due to the ongoing drought and wildfires. If you're interested in buying a live tree at Costco, contact your local warehouse to determine if (and when) they'll be receiving live trees.