This Color Test Will Reveal Your Current Situation

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Honestly, we could probably spend an eternity talking about all things color — whether that involves something as universal as neutral color palettes or as specific as colors that repel insects. However, one of our favorite guilty pleasures involves talking about color quizzes that allow us to self-reflect. Earlier this year, we couldn't get enough of a Japanese chart that reveals the color or your birthday, and now, we're all about the Color Oracle test.


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According to Bustle, the Color Oracle quiz was originally popular back in 2016, but based on this Totally The Bomb article, it would seem the test is once again trending. "The interpretation, based on the Color-O-Scope color test by Johannes Schneider, describes your current situation, your personal focus, and your behaviors, and gives you clues as to how you can deal with these constructively," reads the Color Oracle description on astrology portal

In other words, the free color quiz will help you take a deeper look at your current situation and state of mind.

How to take the Color Oracle test:

To take the test, all you have to do is look at 25 colors and select the one shade you currently find most pleasing. Move this into the designated first box. Then, select the color you currently find to be least pleasing and move it into the second box. You will continue to alternate between colors you see as pleasing and unpleasing until all 12 boxes are filled.

When you're done, simply click "Continue to Interpretation" to get your personal reading. What you'll end up with is information about your general disposition, what is of great importance to you, what you feel most anxious about, and more. (Writer's note: I found a lot of these results to be spot-on!)

To take the Color Oracle test for yourself, click here. Afterward, set aside some time to reflect on how you can better your current situation and the space around you.