This On-Sale Costco Dessert Has a Secret Reusable Feature

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We love Costco, we love dessert, and we love it when products are reusable — so with this piece of news, we truly hit the trifecta. Over on the @costcobuys Instagram page, we learned that the chain is now selling a pack of tiramisu desserts for just $6.99. And that's not even the best part.


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In each six-pack of Dessert Italiano's tiramisu, there are six three-ounce glasses. That means each one is about $1.17, which is a super sweet deal. However, when you purchase this product, you're not just getting some delicious desserts — you're also getting six glasses you can reuse after you've finished munching on your tiramisu. This is also similar to the brand's caramel macchiato cups.

"We buy these every time they are on sale because of the bonus glasses!!!!" writes on commenter on Instagram. Another said, "We tried these the other day … yummy! And they're glass dishes, not plastic, so I considered that a great bonus! Now to decide how I will repurpose those…. 🙂" A few other commenters also said that though they didn't love the tiramisu, the glasses were worth it.

Over on Reddit, there is even an entire conversation devoted to how much people love this reusable secret hack. "Was wondering if anyone else was amassing a large collection of these cool little tiramisu glasses? 🤤" user @discodawg02 asked. Many people in the comments report having a similar collection that they use for various things around the house.

Before you head to your local warehouse, you should also make sure this product is in stock by checking for Costco availability.

What can you do with the Costco tiramisu reusable glasses?

Here are a few ideas we found in the comments on Reddit:

  • Use them for storing chopped items
  • Try them as shot or cocktail glasses
  • Repurpose them as tealight candle holders
  • Serve kid's snacks in them
  • Make your own desserts — like jello or pudding — in the glasses
  • Try them as espresso cups
  • Use them for dips at gatherings

The reusable options are truly endless.


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