Rifle Paper Co.'s 2021 Holiday Collection Is More Whimsical Than Ever

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If there's one thing we can't resist, it's adorable holiday decor. And one brand that nails it every single time is Rifle Paper Co., a shop known for its colorful florals and love of whimsy. Now, we can finally get our hands on the retailer's 2021 holiday collection, which features everything you could possibly need to deck the halls: mugs, fabric, candles, party foods, cards, wrapping paper, advent calendars, and more!


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Below, you can find our favorites from Rifle Paper Co.'s newest holiday line (though, trust us, it was hard narrowing it down).

1. Advent Calendar, $18

2. Holiday Porcelain Mug, $20


3. Twelve Tribes (single card), $5

4. Holiday Tea Towel, $18


5. Holiday Jigsaw Puzzle, $34

6. Garden Party Silver Wrapping Roll, $10


7. Partridge Wine Gift Bag, $6

8. Mistletoe Red Dog Bandana (small), $28


9. Holiday Candle, $34

To see the entire Rifle Paper Co. holiday collection, click here.