These Renovation Projects Will Be Big in 2022

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Hundreds of thousands — or maybe even millions — of people have renovated some part of their home during the pandemic, but there's always room for more upgrades!


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According to a survey by home management platform Thumbtack, 40% of Americans think they'll spend at least $5,000 updating their spaces over the next year.

But what type of projects will they be working on?

Thumbtack's research — which includes data about projects booked through the platform — indicates that while most homeowners will perform standard preventative maintenance in 2022, they'll also be focusing their attention on creating a greener home through long-term investments.


For instance, between September 2020 and September 2021, solar panel installations increased 26% as compared to the same period the year prior. Thumbtack expects that number to grow over the next 12 months.

Homeowners who have already installed solar panels will likely be investing in seasonal maintenance. Thumbtack notes that this past January, for example, the site saw a 454% spike in solar panel cleanings.


"We anticipate an increase in demand this year, so don't forget to book a pro in the next couple of months!" the company writes in its report.

Thumbtack also anticipates many homeowners will install more energy-efficient windows — a project that can be expensive to start (The company notes prices usually range from $399 to $675), but can lower heating and lighting costs in the long run.


Similarly, Thumbtack suspects there will be an increase in insulation upgrades during the first four months of 2022, just as in years past. The better your insulation, the more temperature regulation in your home — meaning you won't need to spend so much money on heating and cooling.

"These projects will not only help keep your average home costs down year-round, but will also help decrease your environmental footprint," writes Thumbtack.

Learn more about the full findings here.