Costco Fans Swear by This Bakery Hack

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As you've probably noticed by now, we are fans of all things Costco — but this is especially the case when it comes to the brand's bakery items. So you can imagine how excited we were to find out that there is a Costco bakery hack that will make one of the retailer's sweet treats go from "meh to hell yeah."


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On Reddit, user @kakamoraa kicked off an insightful discussion by writing, "Toasted the [Costco] croissants at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for eight minutes and the lifeless mush turned into one of the best croissants I have ever had. Anyone else try this?" Commenters then jumped in with their own Costco croissant hacks.

"I put them in the toaster oven, just on the regular toast setting," writes another user. "Same difference. It's ​almost​ like getting them from a bakery." In response, someone adds that they like to toast their croissants, cut them in half, and add bacon, egg, and cheese to make a delectable croissant breakfast sandwich.


Of course, if you'd rather not use the oven, stovetop, or a toaster oven, you can simply warm the croissants up in the microwave. After 10-15 seconds in there, commenters state that the bread will be perfectly warm.

Can you freeze and reheat Costco croissants?

This croissant hack will also work if you want to buy the treat in bulk. User @DerHoggenCatten4d explains, "I always freeze them and reheat from frozen. I cut the frozen croissant in half sometimes ... It's easier to halve them when they're frozen. I then warm them in the toaster oven at around 400 degrees [Fahrenheit] until the outside is lightly crispy and the inside is warmed through. They are amazing this way." Other commenters second that refrigerating and freezing the croissants does not affect their taste.


We imagine you could also try this with any flavor, like the infamous strawberry jam croissants.

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