These Eye-Catching Handmade Tiles Honor Female Artists

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Whether you use it for a floor or backsplash, the right tile can truly take your space up a notch. And in recent times, it's had a resurgence as a medium through which you can show off your love of patterns. Why opt for a blank slate when there are so many visually stunning designs to choose from?


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It's clear that tile design will continue to evolve. The folks over at Fireclay Tile, for example, announced a new collaboration with sister-run design brand Block Shop Textiles. It includes four different patterns that are configurable.

"This entire collection was developed remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, without either brand ever being in the same space," Block Shop wrote in an Instagram post. "These tiles are inspired by pioneering women artists, and we hope you can sense the optimism they were designed & lovingly made with!"


The Block Shop x Fireclay Tile Handpainted Collection combines the techniques of tile making with woodblock printing. Since each piece is hand made, no two are truly identical. The patterns take inspiration from artists like Mavis Pusey, Georgia O'Keefe, Alma Siedhoff-Buscher, and Bridget Riley.

The tiles retail for $20 per piece for a 4x4 tile and each pattern comes in three color choices. You can also order a sample for $20.

Fireclay Tile is donating 5% of sales to Allies in Arts, a non-profit organization that works to "support artists who are womxn, BIPOC, and LGBTQQIA2S — all of whom are underrepresented individuals in creative industries," according to its website.

Check out the full collection here.