Kirsten Dunst Has a Surprising Cowboy-Inspired Chandelier in Her Home

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During an intimate look at her home with ​Architectural Digest​, Kirsten Dunst dished on some of her fave elements. Working with designer Jane Hallworth since she was 18 years old, the actress is all about timeless objects.


"I like old things, I like things that make me feel things," Dunst says in the ​Architectural Digest​ video. "To me it's a very emotional thing."

Her Hollywood home includes everything from model ships to a door that once belonged to Jackie Onassis. Dunst and Hallworth worked closely together to source items that felt like they came with a sense of history, and the actor sees her space as a "European ranch house."


One of the decor pieces really catches your eye for its sheer size — the duo calls it the "giant spur" lighting fixture. They found it through the antiques seller Blackman Cruz, which carries quite a few unique gems.

"It was the first thing we bought for this house because it was a giant spur and you were like, 'You have to have it,'" Dunst says to Hallworth. "You were like "Let me put it in the house" and I was like, 'We can never take that down. It's the coolest.'"

When it comes to statement pieces, this fixture certainly takes the cake. We're taking notes for our dream home.