Americans Hate Decorating With These 2 Colors, Apparently

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Some of the top paint brands out there have been unveiling their official color of the year picks, ranging from an olive green to a cheerful yellow. Yet, what about the opposite? Thanks to design company Modsy's new "Interior Wellness Report" survey, we now know all about America's least favorite colors to decorate with.


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The Interior Wellness Report's findings confirm what we've been seeing in the 2022 color of the year selections. People love their calming neutrals — blues, whites, and greens — but are done with daring bold colors. Specifically, 36% of Modsy's survey respondents chose pink and orange as their least desired colors for home decoration.

"We associate orange with things that need our attention — traffic cones and construction signs — which can sometimes be overstimulating in a home," says Lindsay T. Graham, a social psychologist at UC Berkeley, in Modsy's press release. "Pink has become very gendered. We're conditioned to think of pink as denoting something demure and feminine, and that association is so strong that it feels like a big statement to use it in a space."

As for when pink and orange come together, Graham says, "Orange and pink are closer to one another on the color wheel, which might make them more visually jarring when next to each other as opposed to complementary." Between them being statement colors and our social conditioning, both hues can be too much in a space.

Of course, there are more subtle ways to incorporate both orange and pink into your home. According to design historian Alessandra Wood, who is also Modsy's vice president of style, pops of pink look lovely in a palette that also incorporates greens and blues. Orange, on the other hand, works well in more modern design schemes — also as a pop of color.

So while pink and orange can enhance certain spaces, they aren't as desired as neutrals that make us feel relaxed.


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