Costco Might Stop Selling This Essential Holiday Item

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During the holiday season, Costco can be an actual lifesaver. After all, it's one of the best places to buy ingredients, supplies, ​and​ decor for holiday gatherings both big and small. The warehouse is even known for selling live Christmas trees at an affordable price. However, if you typically buy your trees at Costco, you might need to look elsewhere this year.


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Recently, Reddit user @mrsportz8 (who appears to work at a Costco warehouse in the Midwest) shared that their store won't be receiving live trees for the 2021 holiday season. This is due to the ongoing drought, according to the supplier, which has prevented trees from growing large enough to be sold. Sadly, many other trees have died as well.

Other Reddit users based in the Pacific Northwest chimed in, sharing insight on how the past year's weather and natural disasters have affected the trees. "The heatwave scorched many of our wild trees and cultivated crops during the period of time when growth is accelerating," says user @KG7DHL. "Christmas trees being grown in the region were especially scorched."

"Northern California, Oregon, and Washington state are ​huge​ sources of the trees, and everything is either dead [or] dying from the drought or completely destroyed by the fires," adds user @housecatspeaks. All that said, there's a good chance Costco (and other retailers) will be selling less live trees this year, if at all.

When does Costco start selling live Christmas trees?

According to the Reddit thread, Costco typically starts selling Christmas trees around Thanksgiving. However, it wouldn't hurt to check with your local warehouse ASAP to see if they'll be getting trees this year. Otherwise, consider supporting small businesses and buying your tree from local garden centers or farms. You can also try one of these Christmas tree alternatives if you're looking for something less traditional.