What Is Angel Milk, Exactly?

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We can always count on TikTok for creative drink ideas. So far, the platform has introduced us to popular beverages like creamy lemonade and whipped coffee, just to name a few. The most recent drink trend is known as "angel milk," which is currently going on viral on TikTok.


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Basically, angel milk is a sweet beverage made of milk, sugar, and vanilla extract. The standard recipe also doesn't call for exact measurements, so most TikTokers simply fill a mug with milk, then mix in a spoonful of sugar and a few drops of vanilla extract. Some people also heat it up in the microwave for a warm and cozy drink.

Apparently, the concoction tastes just like melted vanilla ice cream. The only catch? Many users on TikTok are reporting uncomfortable digestive symptoms after drinking angel milk. However, it's ​also​ worth noting that those same folks are using regular cow's milk. Considering most people — 65 percent of the world's population, to be exact — are lactose intolerant, it's no surprise so many folks are having digestive issues after drinking angel milk.


That being said, you can definitely make angel milk with non-dairy milk, like oat milk or coconut milk. For example, TikTok user @ottert33th made it with almond milk. In either case, be sure to use plain unsweetened plant milk to avoid a too-sweet drink.


What else can you add to angel milk?

As with all trendy TikTok recipes, angel milk can be made in many ways. TikTokers have added other ingredients to their angel milk, such as:

Also, if a spoonful of sugar is too sweet for your taste buds, feel free to use less. You could even use other sweeteners like maple syrup or honey.


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