This Genius Hack Lets You Make Donuts in Less Than 5 Minutes

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If you're an avid home baker, you likely know how long it takes to make donuts from scratch. And while the effort is certainly worth it, there's nothing wrong with cutting corners when you need dessert ASAP. That's why we're excited to share a brilliant trick for making jam-filled donuts in less than five — yes, five — minutes.


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The hack, which was shared by Instagram user @aussieairfryerlady, calls for an air fryer and brioche slider buns. Simply coat the buns with melted coconut oil, then use a plastic syringe to fill each bun with jam. Next, cook the buns in the air fryer for two minutes at 340 degrees Fahrenheit. (The air fryer in the post shows 171 degrees Celsius, as @aussieairfryerlady is based in Australia.)

Finally, coat the warm donuts in cinnamon sugar. You can make cinnamon sugar at home by mixing cinnamon and granulated sugar at a 1:4 ratio. Alternatively, you could skip the cinnamon and coat the donuts in granulated or powdered sugar for a simpler treat. Either way, something tells us this air fryer dessert recipe will be delicious.


Other filling ideas for air fryer donuts:

If jam isn't your jam, you can also fill the donuts with pureed fruit. Other tasty options include Nutella or custard. Just be sure to cook the donuts first, as recommended by @aussieairfryerlady. Once the donuts are cooked, you can fill the donuts as usual. This way, the Nutella or custard won't melt in the air fryer.


What else can you make in an air fryer?

As you've probably heard, air fryers can be used to make myriad recipes. Here are some of our favorite air fryer food hacks:

Happy air frying!


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