Etsy's Very First Virtual House Is All About Showcasing Unique Finds

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The holidays are almost here, which means cozy decor and plenty of gift shopping. Etsy revealed a new project that combines both — without the need to leave your space.


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The Etsy House is an augmented reality experience that lets you stroll into a virtual space decorated with finds from the online marketplace. You can hover over each item you see to find out more info about them. Etsy also gathered all these picks in one place for easy shopping.

Some of the sections in the house include a sitting room, game room, and courtyard, allowing for a wide range of items. The digital space even features some of the recent and past Etsy Design Awards winners, so you can see the products in a fully designed layout.


Basically, it's a virtual way to visualize what Etsy gems might look like in a home. And if you're in search of decor inspo, there's plenty to take notes on in that area, too.

You can step into the virtual experience here.


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