This Hack Lets You Shred Chicken in Seconds

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When it comes to the wonderful world of life hacks, the cooking category might be our favorite. Cooking, after all, is an essential life skill that happens to be fun and delicious. That being said, we're always looking for ways to make meal prep easier.


Video of the Day

One of our most recent discoveries involves shredding chicken breast with — wait for it — an electric mixer. In a video by TikTok user @lifeunbinged, a mixer is used to seamlessly tear apart cooked chicken in just a few seconds. This beats (get it?) using two forks, which is the standard method for shredding chicken.

By the way: The chicken in the video is in a liquid, which lightly splatters onto the electric mixer. Obviously, this isn't a big deal, but it's worth noting in case you want to use this technique on a similar dish. If the chicken is in a lot of liquid, rapidly increasing the mixer's speed (or overfilling your vessel) might result in a messy situation. So, play it safe by increasing the speed slowly and using a deep bowl or pot.


According to TikTok users in the comments section, the chicken needs to be hot in order for this hack to work. Also, the trick works with beef as well. Pretty cool, right?


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