IKEA's New Digital Museum Is a Home Design Playground

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The IKEA Museum located in Ă„lmhult, Sweden, has gone digital for those of us who won't be able to travel to Europe any time soon. This is in addition to many of the company's other new initiatives, including redesigned store layouts, sustainable collections, and fun partnerships with icons like Zandra Rhodes.


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According to DesignTAXI, the IKEA Museum Digital will offer the internet the most extensive selection of IKEA knowledge. As of right now, this includes a section called "The Story of IKEA," which showcases an IKEA timeline alongside stories of the brand from the 1940s until now. Amongst this information, you'll find product facts and details about what life was like at home during different decades.


On the site, you can learn all about how IKEA was started, the history of the brand's logo, and about how IKEA got its unique name. Also, if you've ever wanted to know more about the man who founded IKEA, there is a story about that too.

The other available section is "The IKEA Catalog Through the Ages," which, of course, includes all the IKEA catalog inspiration you could possibly dream of. This is especially exciting news considering that IKEA has decided to do away with its iconic catalog as of 2021. So while we might not be able to look at a brand new IKEA spread to get our creative juices flowing, we can definitely pull influences from the past.


However, as of right now, the catalogs are only available in Swedish because, according to IKEA, "the Swedish catalogue as it has been around the longest." Down the line, the retailer is hoping to add catalogs in other languages and from different countries.


The museum's About page states that the digital museum is open to anyone for free at any time. So it's a perfect resource for home design enthusiasts who love Swedish decor and, more specifically, everything IKEA.

To visit the IKEA Museum Digital, click here.


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