Aldi Fans Can't Wait to Get Their Hands on This Fall Product

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If there's one home item we can't stop thinking about during the autumn season, it's fall candles. There's just something about this time of year that lends itself to the amber glow and cozy scents of these wax delights. And based on the latest post from @aldifavoritefinds, we are not alone in this seasonal sentiment.


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The Instagram user announced that they found triple-layer candles for only $5.99 at their local Aldi. The best part? The candles feature the following fall scents: Caramel Apple Pumpkin, Orange Cranberry Bundt Cake, and Sugar Cookie (which is perfect for winter too!).

On the Aldi website, the retailer announced that these specific Huntington Home Triple Layer Candles are new as of September 22 to September 28. However, the brand also notes that some products may not be available at your nearby Aldi due to shipping delays. So before you go out to get one of these scents, make sure you give your store a call to ensure that they're in stock.


In the comment's section on Instagram, Aldi fans are jumping for joy at this candle news. "Well, there goes this week's paycheck," one user writes. Many others are planning to snag one during their next trip to Aldi.

What other Aldi fall candles are there?

According to on Instagram, these are some of the other fall candles you can expect to see in stores:


We can't wait for our homes to smell like all things fall.


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