This Is the Most Popular Starbucks Secret Menu Drink in Your State

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If you're a loyal Starbucks customer, you probably know all about the chain's secret menu. After all, there's something so enticing about off-menu creations, especially when they involve coffee and flavored syrups. And while it's easy to see which secret menu items are popular in your own social media bubble, you might be surprised to learn which ones are most popular in your actual state.


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Recently, the team at Workshopedia analyzed Google search data of 29 Starbucks secret menu drinks for each state. The data spanned over the last 12 months. Using this info, the team figured out the most beloved Starbucks secret menu beverages in each state, along with the most popular drinks in the country in general.

According to their findings, the Workshopedia team discovered that 20 states are fans of the Pink Drink, which is a strawberry açaí refresher plus coconut milk. However, it must also be popular in other states, because Starbucks officially added it to their menu in April 2017.

Second place goes to the Dirty Chai Latte, aka a chai latte with two shots of espresso. Six states, including Georgia and North Carolina, are loving the drink. The Dragon Frappuccino comes in third place, with three states giving the colorful beverage two thumbs up.

So, which Starbucks secret menu drinks is the most popular in your state? Visit Workshopedia to find out.

Starbucks secret menu drinks you can order:

If you're new to the secret menu at Starbucks, consider these delicious options:

Of course, always make sure to tip and thank your barista when they create these custom drinks for you. And if the store is extra busy, maybe consider going back for your special drink when there are less people.

For more mouthwatering creations, visit Starbucks Secret Menu.


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