Opendoor's Digital Tool Is Designed to Make Home Walkthroughs Easier

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While the last 18 months have brought a whole slew of ​really​ difficult challenges, there has also been some serious innovation around our new reality. Namely, companies have been developing tools to make life easier — something that can carry on into the post-pandemic days in the (hopefully near) future.


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Real estate company Opendoor, which facilitates the buying and selling of properties, has introduced a self-guided home walkthrough that whittles down the home inspection process from two to four hours (on average) to as little as 10 minutes.

"Pre-pandemic, real estate was on its way to becoming a more digital and modern industry. However, COVID definitely accelerated that shift," Opendoor product manager Lauren Wu tells Hunker. "More and more consumers began adopting digital solutions across all industries, from grocery delivery to telemedicine."


Traditionally, home assessments involve a lengthy in-person review of your home. Given complicated work-from-home or learn-from-home schedules, plus the desire to reduce contact with others, that old-school method simply isn't convenient.

Opendoor now allows sellers to either schedule a live video walkthrough with a company representative or upload photos and videos while following a step-by-step guide.


"If needed, we will ask customers to re-take any video that doesn't provide enough fidelity for that process," says Wu. "Though this does happen, it's usually pretty rare and customers tend to capture everything we need on the first try."


Opendoor pricing experts will then review the information to provide an updated offer for homeowners.

"We're hearing from our customers that they appreciate the convenience of being able to complete the assessment on their own time, and not needing to schedule around someone else's time," says Wu.

Buying and selling a home is a notoriously complicated and drawn-out process, so anything that makes it a little easier? Sign us up!


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