These Are Antoni Porowski's Egg Cooking Hacks

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If you ever wondered what Antoni Porowski does in a day, ​Vanity Fair​ has you covered. The ​Queer Eye​ star divulged his full-day routine to the magazine in a recent five-minute video.


But our favorite tidbit of his entire process is his breakfast regimen, which always includes four farm-fresh eggs. Though Antoni wakes up between 6:15 and 7 a.m. each day, he doesn't actually make breakfast until 10 a.m., after he's walked and fed his dog, meditated, read the news, hit the gym, and attended to his skincare needs. Breakfast, however, is the star of his morning.

"This affects what the day is gonna be like," Porowski says in the video. "I have to decide whether I'm going to make a perfect soft scramble, or whether I'm going to do four over-medium, turned-over eggs."


Here are four tips, tricks, and hacks we learned from Antoni's breakfast ritual.

1. Splurge on caviar for breakfast.

If Antoni goes with a soft scramble for breakfast, he enjoys topping it off with caviar and chopped chives. Fancy!


2. Use J.Q. Dickenson Salt-Works salt.

This is Antoni's secret weapon. J.Q. Dickenson is a seventh-generation salt-making family that harvests its product from a long-gone sea beneath the mountains in West Virginia. (Who knew ​any​ of that was a thing?!)

3. Always grind your pepper.

"I'm not here for the powdered pepper," says Antoni. "I think it should be banned."


4. Spice up your over-easy or over-medium eggs.

No, Antoni doesn't mean with Sriracha. He uses either Za'atar, a Middle Eastern spice blend (preferably with hyssop, not oregano), or everything bagel seasoning with ketchup.


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