These Spooky IKEA Items Will Complete Your Halloween Decor

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A little pumpkin decor here, some seasonal chocolate there, and Halloween is in full swing again. This magical time of the year calls for a few decor swaps, of course, so you can really get in the mood for spooky season.


Naturally, we often turn to IKEA for both affordable and chic items that will be a welcome addition to our spaces. And you can actually find a few gems that will up the Halloween vibe in your home. Whether you want to deck out your mantel or set the table for some creepy fun, we've got some suggestions for you.

Browse through our fave IKEA picks that just scream creepy-chic.


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1. Höstkväll Decoration Pumpkin (set of 3), $5.99

Of course, you can't go wrong with a few pumpkins. These finds are subtle yet perfect for your tablescape.


2. Erinra Decoration, $19.99

This decoration is a hoot (sorry, we had to).


3. Molnart LED Bulb, $14.99

The right lighting can really set the spooky mood.


4. Iskärna LED Table Lamp, $29.99

This recent release is quirky but we can see it working for a creepy Halloween snack table. Especially since you can turn the light different colors, including ​red​.


5. Skönja Glass Dome With Base, $12.99

Store some creepy trinkets in this glass dome for a festive look.


6. Sinnlig Scented Candle, $1.49

Light a few pumpkin spice-scented candles before you curl up and enjoy your favorite horror movie.


7. Lindrande Decoration, $19.99

Okay, something about this all-black globe seems unsettling to us. Perfect for a Halloween scene!

8. Höstkväll Cushion Cover, $11.99

A pop of orange here and there won't hurt, especially in the form of a stylish pillow cover.

9. Klokhet Unscented Candle (pack of 8), $4.99

A few, classic candlesticks will elevate your spooky get-together.

10. Dinera Dinnerware Set (18 pieces), $34.99

Finally, don't forget about the dinnerware. Extra points if you use these plates to present creepy dishes.