This New IKEA Product Lets You Charge Your Phone Through Furniture

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When it comes to innovative new products for our homes, we always have an eye on IKEA. Perfect example: The brand just revealed that it will be selling the Sjömärke Wireless Charger ($39.99), which allows you to secretly charge your phone through furniture.


When setting up the charger, you mount it on the underside of a non-metal surface that is ⅜ to ⅞ inches thick. To help with this, the product comes with four strips of double-sided adhesive tape, a cable that's six feet long, and two clear stickers to help you mark where your phone will need to be placed in order for the charger to work. The device can even be mounted with screws or other hardware, but those materials are not included.

Then, to charge your phone, you simply need to place it directly on the surface above where the charger is hidden. Note: Do not directly put the phone on the physical charger itself. So you never get it wrong, you can use the included stickers to mark the specific spot on your table or shelf.

There is a lot to love about the Sjömärke charger. Since it doesn't require extra cables that plug directly into your phone, it will beautifully blend in with your decor. Plus, you'll never have to fuss with all your cables to figure out which one goes where.

As of right now, the charger isn't available for delivery, so you'll want to keep an eye out for when it becomes available on the site. To see if it's at an IKEA near you, give your local store a call.

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