P.F. Candle Co.'s New Candles Are Inspired by 2021's Trending Recipes

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Listen up, candle lovers! We have one of the most surprising announcements of this year. In collaboration with livestream shopping platform NTWRK, P.F. Candle Co. is releasing new limited-edition scents inspired by viral TikTok food trends.


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Featuring three seven-ounce candles, the TikTok recipe-inspired fragrances are Whipped Coffee, Feta Pasta, and Cloud Bread. Are you intrigued yet?

"TikTok has been a constant source of creative inspiration and connection during the past year, so we were thrilled to partner with them to bring these viral food trends to life," says Kristen Pumphrey, founder and creative director of P.F. Candle Co., in a press release. "The challenging — and fun — part for us was taking gourmand flavors and turning them into a candle you'd actually want to burn in your house."


Based on the three scent descriptions, we have a feeling that P.F. succeeded in creating candles we'd actually want to burn. Whipped Coffee, for instance, has notes of roasted coffee, vanilla cream, and sandalwood, while Feta Pasta smells like ripe crushed tomatoes and fresh basil. As for Cloud Bread, you can expect it to embody French raspberry and amber-y marshmallow.

For $55 with free shipping, the collection can be purchased on the NTWRK app, online at P.F. Candle Co., and in the latter's stores.