Succulent Pasta Is Taking Over TikTok

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Leave it to TikTok to combine two of our favorite things, succulents and pasta, into one delicious dish. Created by user @dannylovespasta, succulent ravioli is the latest food trend we are loving and desperately want to recreate at home.


Video of the Day

Using pasta dough dyed a light green, @dannylovespasta cuts out the shape for the succulent and adds a line of ricotta-parmesan filling down the middle. Then, he rolls the shape together to form the succulent's leaves. Next, using pasta dough dyed brown, he fashions a rectangular shape with an added line of pasta dough on top. Once it's all rolled together, it forms an edible pot for the succulent.

In another video, @dannylovespasta reveals that he cooks the succulent pasta in a pan filled with shallow water until the pasta is completely done. About halfway through this process, he flips the pasta over to get both sides cooked. And yes, the pasta perfectly holds its shape even after it has been boiled.

To top it all off, the creator adds a simple butter sauce over the succulent ravioli along with fresh basil and pecorino cheese. Delicious!

Posted only two days ago, @dannylovespasta's TikTok already has 12.5 million views and 2.8 million likes, and commenters are freaking out at the creativity presented here. "Can I just stand outside your place and you just hurl these down to me, and I will happily catch them like a happy duck?" wrote one user. Another adds that this would be an adorable dish to serve at a wedding.

How to make fresh pasta dough:

If you'd like to make this succulent ravioli, but are unsure of how to whip up fresh pasta dough, have no fear! Love & Lemons has a homemade pasta recipe that requires only four ingredients: eggs, all-purpose flour, extra virgin olive oil, and sea salt. To dye it your desired color, simply add food dye until the shade is achieved.

We can't wait to give this plant-astic pasta idea a try.


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