This Popular Japanese Snack Is on Sale at Costco

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Hey, snack enthusiasts — we have some great news. Costco, aka the land of amazing deals, has just marked down a beloved snack. A 12-pack of chocolate Pocky, originally $8.99, is now on sale for $5.99 at the warehouse.


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In case you're unfamiliar with Pocky, it's a Japanese snack made of biscuit sticks dipped in cream frosting. The treat is available in different frosting flavors, including strawberry, chocolate banana, cookies and cream, matcha green tea, and chocolate. There are also special seasonal and regional varieties, but chocolate is the OG classic flavor.


The sale was brought to light by Instagram user @costcodeals, who recently shared a video of the product at their local Costco. According to the caption, the product is available at Costco stores nationwide.

Between back-to-school season and Halloween, the timing couldn't be more perfect. The individual packs of Pocky are excellent for snacking on the go or switching up your trick-or-treating game. Besides, who says Halloween is only for candy? Plus, the actual Pocky is sealed in a bag within the box, making it easier to safely give out treats.


Currently, the 12-pack of Pocky Chocolate is not available on Costco's website. If you'd like to buy the product, call your local Costco warehouse to see if it's in stock.

Other places to buy Pocky:

You can buy the treat at other retailers, such as:


You can also use the "Find Pocky" tool on Pocky's website.

Fun ways to eat Pocky:

Although Pocky is delicious on its own, you can do a lot of creative things with the snack. Try using them as sticks for cake pops or decor on cupcakes. Check out the "Recipes" section on Pocky's website for tasty ideas.