How to Hide Your TV's Cable Box in Style

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There are certain items in our spaces that we love to put on display ... and then there are those that we'd rather hide forever. We recently discussed doing so with our printers and now, thanks to TikTok, we have a good idea of how to hide TV cable and DVR boxes. Bonus: It involves an affordable IKEA hack.


Video of the Day

Courtesy of user @lh_173, hiding a cable box that doesn't match the rest of your decor is a breeze. Using the rectangular IKEA Smarra Box With Lid ($12.99), they cut one of the bamboo strands in the back to make space for their TV box's cord. Then, they simple place their electronic device in the decorative box, add the remote, pop on the lid, and add a plant on top to make it blend in even more.

Who knew hiding your cable box could be so easy (and that it would only cost $12.99)?!

In the comments, one user recommends adding a glass or ceramic sheet in case your cable box gets extra hot — though, another adds that the decorative vessel's holes will help with this. Also, an additional comment states that keeping the remote out of the basket would probably be best, so that you don't constantly have to move the plant on and off of the box.

This is one IKEA hack we can definitely (and effortlessly) get behind.

What other IKEA hacks do we love?

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There is truly an IKEA hack for every weekend when you're craving a home project.


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