Costco Re-Released One of Its Most Popular Advent Calendars

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When it comes to shopping for advent calendars — especially überpopular ones — we say that the earlier you buy them, the better. It would seem that Costco agrees, since it just re-released its iconic Wine Advent Calendar (and more) for the 2021 holiday season.


According to @costcowineblog on Instagram, the 2021 Costco Wine Advent-ure Calendar is priced at $99.99 and contains 24 bottles of imported wine from countries like Italy, Spain, France, and Greece. All bottles are 375 milliliters, which is half the size of a regular bottle.

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"Each year, we taste hundreds of wines in order to reach the final assortment," says Kirk Johnson, a Costco wine buyer, in ​Costco Connection's​ September 2021 issue. "It's our goal to make the pack a fun and interactive discovery of wines from around the world. Each wine has a short video describing it and the region it's from. Members can go to for more information."


Based on comments, it would seem that not every Costco location currently has the Wine Advent Calendar in stock. So before you head out to purchase one, we recommend giving your local Costco a call to see if they have the product on shelves.

What other alcohol-based advent calendars does Costco have?

In September and October, Costco will be putting out the following boozy advent calendars:



  • Six Sparkling Nights (six half-bottles of sparkling wine)
  • The Bordeaux Gift Box (four standard-size wine bottles from France's Bordeaux region)
  • Beers of Cheer (24 cans of German beer)

In addition to being great treat-yourself gifts, these advent calendars would also be perfect holiday gifts for the wine and beer aficionados in your life. This is especially the case with Six Sparkling Nights and The Bordeaux Gift Box, since both aren't tied to the 24 days before Christmas. (Though, who wouldn't mind an early holiday gift when it's this good?)



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