You Can Now Buy Insurance for Your Plants — Yes, Really

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If you see your beloved plants as your children, then we have great news. Plant subscription company Horti came out with two first-of-their-kind houseplant insurance plans that offer care tips, life-saving advice, and yes, replacements for greenery that isn't going to make it (RIP).


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"Instead of feeling nervous when bringing a new houseplant home or helpless when leaves start to brown, we want people to feel confident and hopeful as they begin to understand their nature for nurture," said Puneet Sabharwal, Horti founder and CEO, in a press release. "These plans are designed to help our community feel confident to foster those connections for years to come."

Led by Horti's plant doctor and scientist Chris Satch, the two insurance plans are: Plant Reassurance and Plant Resurrection. The former is priced at $4.99 per month and offers personalized advice and preventative care for any houseplant you own, regardless of where you bought it. After sharing a photo with the brand's specialists via the email, you'll receive a diagnosis and care tips.

As for the Plant Resurrection option, it costs $9.99 per month. In addition to care tips straight from experts, you'll also be able to replace plants that are no longer with us. However, this plan only covers greenery purchased from Horti and includes the most recent and all future plants that you receive via the company's subscription service.

In other words, while both plans are meant to save your green babies, the Resurrection version can also help you replace them should that unfortunate time come.

According to Horti, each plan is recommended for temporary support while new plant parents adjust to their responsibilities. A three- to six-month subscription length is ideal for exactly that, giving you enough time to adjust to caring for your new green, leafy children.

For more information about Horti's plant insurance and to increase your plants' life expectancies if you lack a green thumb, click here.