Have You Been Using Laundry Pods All Wrong?

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Doing laundry is a necessary chore, whether or not you actually enjoy it. That said, there are some things that can make the task a bit easier, like using laundry detergent pods. The little packets eliminate the need to actually pour detergent, ultimately avoiding a sticky mess.


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But have you actually been using laundry detergent pods correctly? It might seem like an odd thing to think about, considering the pods are just cases of concentrated detergent. However, in order for the pods to do their job, it's worth double-checking your technique.

Detergent pods are supposed to go in the actual washing machine drum, before you even add your clothes. That's because the pods are dissolved by water and in order for that to happen, the pods need to be in the back of the drum, where the water will pour out and dissolve the pod.


So, what happens if you ​do​ put a pod in the dispenser drawer? For starters, the pod won't be able to fully dissolve, since it's not soaking in water. This means the detergent won't be able to make its way to the dirty clothes and properly clean them. One Reddit user also reported a "gross water" smell after detergent pods were continuously (and accidentally) placed in their liquid dispenser drawer.


Needless to say, if you've been using laundry pods incorrectly, you'll want to change your method, stat. It might also help to check the instructions on your laundry pods' packaging for specific tips regarding water temperature, placement, and more.

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