This Hack Cleans the One Part of Your Faucet You Always Forget About

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When was the last time you cleaned your faucet? No, we're not talking about the exterior surface of the spout — but the actual ​opening​ of the faucet. In other words, the hole where the water comes out. You'll have to bend over the sink to get a good look, but it's likely covered in grime and gunk. Did you check? Is it gross? Yeah, you're not alone.


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After all, the faucet opening is one of those parts that's easy to overlook. It's also tricky to clean with plain ol' all-purpose cleaner, as the minerals from tap water often turn into a scaly buildup. However, with a simple cleaning hack from TikTok user @vanesamaro91, you can clean your faucet opening with supplies you probably have at home.


In a popular TikTok video, @vanesamaro91 demonstrates the hack by pouring cleaning vinegar into a small resealable plastic bag. (You can also just use plain white vinegar.) Next, she places the bag around the faucet's spout, so that the opening is submerged in the vinegar. She then ties the top of the bag around the spout with a rubber band.


After letting everything sit for 25 minutes, @vanesamaro91 shows how bits of mineral deposits are floating around in the vinegar. It's gross, yet oddly satisfying! Finally, she removes the bag, then scrubs the faucet opening with an old toothbrush and dish soap. The result is a wonderfully shiny faucet that looks good as new.


You can also use this method for cleaning your shower head. Take that, mineral deposits.

How to clean your faucets without plastic:

If you'd like to try this hack, but want to limit plastic waste, consider reusing the same plastic baggie for each faucet in the house. Or, simply set aside a reusable food storage bag for the task. Another option is to submerge the spout in a jar of vinegar, then rest the jar on a stack of food storage containers (or something similar) in the sink.

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Happy cleaning!