Nestig's New Washable Nursery Rug Collection Is Peak Carpet Cuteness

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When it comes to our rugs, we look for two qualities: an alluring design and easy-to-clean material. Fortunately, we're getting both in crib retailer Nestig's new nursery rug collection. In addition to cute motifs that will enhance your nursery (or any other room in the house, tbh), these rugs are also ​washable​. That's right — they can be washed separately on your washer's delicate cycle with a gentle detergent and then tumble-dried on your dryer's coolest temperature setting.


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Using locally sourced 100% organic cotton and all-natural dyes, Nestig's rug line is hand-loomed by artisans in Brazil. Besides being focused on sustainability, this means that each rug is one of a kind (though the artists do follow a specific pattern). Once the wares are done being made, they are then hand-treated, trimmed, and shipped directly from Brazil.

Essentially, these rugs were made to be unique, durable, washable, and sustainable, making them perfect for a room as special as a nursery. (Though, honestly, we'd love to put one in a bedroom or bathroom.) Several of the rugs also come in different sizes! To see our favorites from Nestig's new collection, take a look below.

1. Sunbeam Rug (4 by 6 foot), $299

2. Arches Rug (4 by 5 foot), $255

3. Puff Rug (3.5 by 5 foot), $179

4. Blossom Rug (5-foot diameter), $255

5. Seashell Rug (4 by 4 foot), $199


6. Sprite Rug, $199-$449

7. Pebble Rug, $199-$449

8. Castle Rug, $199-$449

9. Sunrise Rug, $199-$449

To see the entire Nestig rug collection, click here.


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