The 9 Most Unexpected New Arrivals at IKEA

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We love it when IKEA releases new products because there is always something interesting in the mix. This time around, there are actually ​several​ unique items we were surprised to see this retailer release for fall 2021. Below, take a look at exactly what we're talking about with the nine most unexpected new arrivals at IKEA.


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1. Iskärna LED Table Lamp, $29.99

This table lamp in the shape of a human head can be personalized with hats, sunglasses, and other face-based accessories. As of right now, it's not available for delivery, so you'll want to see this piece for yourself next time you visit IKEA.

2. Chilistrån Plant Stand With Wheels, $34.99

This sizable plant stand looks like it could also double as a roommate.

3. Pjåtteryd Picture, $19.99

If you're a fan of curious llamas with kooky hairdos, you're going to need this wall art in your home.

4. Pjåtteryd Picture Fairytale 2, $9.99

Speaking of unexpected wall art, we can't help but marvel at this picture of a person riding a moose under a crescent moon.


5. Sportslig Ball Storage/Goal, $24.99

Though we were surprised to see that IKEA created a ball goal that doubles as storage, we think it's truly a great idea for kids who need a place for their toys.

6. Lånespelare Ring Lamp With Phone Holder, $34.99

IKEA is getting in on the selfie game with this ring lamp that also acts as a phone holder. To get your hands on this item, you'll want to take a trip to your local IKEA store.

7. Karismatisk Lamp Shade, $24.99

We've never seen a lamp shade shaped like an ice cream cone, but leave it to Zandra Rhodes to come up with something so special.

8. Molnart LED Bulb, $17.99

We're loving this new lightbulb shaped like a beehive, along with the inner filament that curls at the end.


9. Elloven Whiteboard/Noticeboard With Casters, $159

With more people spending time working and schooling from home, IKEA continues to delve into the office supply realm with a large whiteboard and noticeboard.


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