Experts' Tips for Shopping Gifts This Labor Day Weekend

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If you're the type of person that likes to plan ahead, we've got good news for you. The shopping experts say this Labor Day weekend is a good time to start stocking up on gifts. The holiday season doesn't feel so far away anymore, and it can be a great time to save on all those presents.


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"Hundreds of retailers are offering awesome deals for this Labor Day, and it can be an opportunity to get a head start on upcoming gifting moments or even holiday shopping," Kristin McGrath, shopping expert and senior editor, at RetailMeNot tells Hunker. So it's a good time to consult that list.

What gifts should you shop during Labor Day weekend?

There are lots of items that might come to mind, but McGrath has a big recommendation: air fryers. Items like the Instant Pot Vortex are at a discount this year. And it seems like the appliance is still super popular, at least judging by all the TikTok hacks we keep seeing.


Know someone that loves to walk? There's good news there, too.

"FitBit fitness trackers and watches make excellent gifts," McGrath says. "And, through September 6, you can get up to $50 off select products. For example, the FitBit Versa 2 is $30 off (down to $149.95) for the weekend." The Garmin vivosmart 4 is also on sale, McGrath notes.


What items can you skip during Labor Day sales?

If you're wondering what might be worth the wait, the pros have some insights into that, too.

"Categories to avoid shopping during Labor Day are holiday toys, Halloween decorations, fall apparel and electronics," Shannon Dwyer, shopping expert at RetailMeNot, tells Hunker. "Although you may find some sales that include appliances and other tech, they will not be as discounted as they will be closer to late October and November."

Now that you have some insights, it's time to tackle that shopping list.