Zandra Rhodes Reimagines the Iconic IKEA Bag in This New Collection

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We talk about maximalism pretty often here at Hunker, but if you've ever thought "no, really, I want something ​super​ maximalist," you're in luck. IKEA debuted its new collection with U.K. fashion star Dame Zandra Rhodes and it is ​anything​ but timid.


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The items incorporate Rhodes' love of color — there's lots of pink, which makes sense if you've seen her bright hair — and vivid patterns. Rhodes' fashion career spans five decades; she has outfitted icons like Princess Diana, Freddie Mercury, Debbie Harry, Diana Ross, and more. According to the Cooper Hewitt Museum, "her initial textile designs were considered too outrageous for traditional British manufacturers to produce, so Rhodes decided to make her own fabrics."

That bold sense of self is something that Rhodes wants customers to feel when they shop the collection. "I think it will be great fun to live with all of these things — they will heighten your living experience," the designer said in a statement.

Rhodes worked with IKEA's in-house designer Paulin Machado to craft 26 items that are both stylish and functional. In line with the fashion vibe, it even includes pre-cut fabric for you to create your own pieces. And in exciting news: The collection also features a makeover of the iconic IKEA shopping bag.

No matter the item, the collection is all about throwing the rules out the window — especially when it comes to color palette. Rhodes wants you to think outside the decor box.

"Things in my life and in my home do not need to match!" Rhodes says. "Mismatched becomes matched!"

Browse some of our fave items below and see the full collection here.

1. Karismatisk Shopping Bag, Medium, $4.99

2. Karismatisk Vase, $24.99


3. Karismatisk Cushion Cover, $7.99

4. Karismatisk Rug, Low Pile, $19.99

5. Karismatisk Lampshade, $24.99